Donate a Bible

If you would like to donate or loan a Bible or archaeological specimen please send them to:

The Bible Museum,

131-133 Napier Street, St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia 3478.

If the items have a special history associated with them, please send a copy of that history. Please send any valuable Bibles by registered mail to ensure they arrive safely. If you have a large number of Bibles and/or related objects which you would like to donate or loan please contact us so we can arrange collection.

Please do not donate a Bible which has personal significance for your family, such as your Family Bible.  The museum already has a large collection of Family Bibles (mainly from the USA or UK).  Unless the Bible is of historical significance to the nation, it should be kept in the care of your own family.

To make a financial donation to the Bible Museum, please view the donations page.



Donation of 2 family Bibles from the ladies at the Donald Archives